geo-FENNEL TheoDist® FTD 05

Reflectorless Construction Tachymeter
The geo-FENNEL TheoDist® is an instrument designed to be easy to use and quick to set up on any construction site. Inexperienced users and professionals alike will benefit from the menu driven software with its intuitive structure and
function keys improving productivity and saving valuable time.

Measuring programs that provide efficient and easy solutions for setting out.
· Reflectorless measurement makes inaccessible target positioning a thing of the past.
· Three-dimensional measurement of coordinates.
· Menu driven software with intuitive structure to maximize productivity.
· A visible laser pointer to improve targeting accuracy and allowing measurements to be taken without looking through the telescope.
· Data can be uploaded and downloaded to a PC via the RS232 connection.
· Quick and easy set-up with the integrated laser plummet.
· Measuring range of up to 200 m without a refl ector and 600 m with a reflector.

  • Objecitve aperture (EDM) : 45 mm
  • Magnification : 30 x
  • Shortest focussing distance : 1,5 m
  • Accuracy : 5”
  • Laser class : 3R
  • Internal memory capacity : 50.000 Points
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