Trimble AllTrak Cloud

You’ve invested in having the best, most accurate tools to perform your work. Make sure you’re managing the tools your business depends on. Trimble AllTrak™ Cloud is an equipment management application that helps you monitor your assets, see who is responsible for them, and check if the equipment is available to be assigned to another job.
Trimble AllTrak Select is a service that allows everyone to track the location of any equipment that communicates with a data controller running Trimble Access™ software or any total station using an active Trimble L2P module.
Protect Against Loss, Theft, or Abuse

With L2P technology, Equipment Manager lets you protect your Trimble S-Series total station via real-time asset tracking:

  • Real-Time Locate: Know exactly where your instrument is at any given time. Your Trimble S-Series total station is equipped with a telematics-based communication module that offers real-time location tracking.
  • Remote Monitoring 24/7: View your equipment’s location on a map in Equipment Manager and monitor it 24/7, conveniently from the web.
  • Geofenced Alerts: Receive alerts if your instrument enters or leaves a geofenced area.
  • Significant shock or abuse alerts: Receive alerts when your instrument experiences heavy shock or abuse. Your instrument has a built-in accelerometer that reports on impacts exceeding certain thresholds.
  • View Positions History: See a history of your device’s locations to track where it has been.

One place to track all of your equipment information
► Know which employee is responsible for specific equipment
► See where your equipment is currently being used
► Check your vehicle’s inventory to ensure you have all the tools you need to perform
that day’s job
► Keep up to date on equipment certifications and scheduled maintenance events
► Protect against loss or theft with L2P real-time location monitoring and geofence alerts

Keep a detailed list of all equipment your company owns. For each asset you can track the location, who the responsible employee is, if there are certificates required to operate it, purchasing information, service events needed and more.

The AllTrak Cloud mobile application allows your crews to double check that they have all of the equipment they need, inside the vehicle, before they leave the office or project site, so no billable hours are wasted driving back to retrieve them.

Keep track of which tools are being used, where they are stored, and who is responsible for them so that you know what is available to be assigned to other field personnel, or is available for the next project.

Quickly see the location of each asset on an interactive map. Click on specific equipment to see additional information about it.

Make sure tools are properly serviced so they’re ready to work when you need them.

Make sure you document important service and training qualifications and ensure tools aren’t assigned or given to the wrong person.

Build custom asset reports for your sales team, accounting team, and management. Be in control of the information you provide.

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