Trimble FX 3D Scanner

  •     Designed for performance in industrial environments
  •     Large 360° x 270° field of view
  •     Data capture rate 216,000 points per second
  •     Clean, low-noise data
  •     Compact, lightweight design
  •     Data integration with other Trimble products via Trimble RealWorks

Trimble FX Controller PC
The Trimble FX Controller PC is an extended solution for operating the Trimble FX 3D laser scanner that improves mobility and productivity in the field. The FX Controller PC provides remote control of the Trimble FX scanner via a Wi-Fi connection from a laptop or touch screen device to simplify field operations. The system is delivered complete with pre-installed software, flexible power solutions and tripod mounting accessories to reduce setup time and increase efficiency.

  •     Increase mobility and productivity
  •     Remote operation via Wi-Fi connection
  •     Reduce setup time and hazardous exposure
  •     Intuitive touch screen user interface
  •     Flexible battery and AC power options
  •     Mount to industry standard tripods
  •     Ease of transport and shipping

With data capture at up to 216,000 points second, the Trimble FX can rapidly produce high accuracy, clean data that is unrivaled. The ability to produce high accuracy data positions the Trimble FX as being ideally suited to industrial and high accuracy civil applications.

  •     Industrial Facilities: Capture high accuracy as-built documentation for facility redesign and revamp projects or for updating existing plant documentation.
  •     Civil Engineering: For projects with tight tolerances and complex designs the Trimble FX provides the best tool to rapidly capture high accurate 3D data.
  •     Inspection/Reverse Engineering: Extract measurements and create 3D models when there is no existing CAD data available.
  •     Surveying: Capture high resolution data for topographical maps, generating 2D and 3D CAD views, measure distances, areas, and volumes.


Key Features
Data capture 216,000 points per second with millimeter level accuracy
The Trimble® FX scanner is an advanced 3D laser measurement instrument designed for use in industrial, civil, shipbuilding and offshore platform environments where fast acquisition of clean, accurate data is paramount. Ensure your projects remain on budget and schedule by utilizing the most accurate, reliable data available.

360 x 270 field of view with range up to 80m
With a wide field of view and range of up to 80m the Trimble FX provides the power to capture the high accuracy data you need with minimal setups. The flexible Trimble FX Controller software also enables you to change the size of the scan region to capture data only for your area of interest, saving time in both data capture and office processing.

Trimble FX Controller PC
Enhance the mobility, productivity and remote operation of the Trimble FX using the Trimble FC Controller PC. Extended battery life, push button start scan, Wifi control and easy mounting allows data to be more rapidly captured with shorter setup times and reduced exposure in hazardous areas. Increase your data capture productivity with the flexibility to operate as best suites your needs.

Data Integration
Data from the Trimble FX can be seamlessly combined and analyzed in the Trimble RealWorks software, allowing you to quickly generate high accuracy deliverables for your clients. Point cloud or CAD model data can be generated and exported to other software packages for further use within your projects.


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