Trimble Gatewing X100


  •     Safe and cost-effective mapping
  •     Easy operation and fully automatic flights
  •     End products ready for GIS or CAD importing
  •     Up to 3.3 cm GSD mapping of medium-sized areas
  •     Multitemporal site coverage through frequent scanning
  •     Create your own orthophotos and DSMs, even in harsh weather conditions (up to 65 km/hr, wind and light rain)



Trimble Gatewing X100 – Take mapping to the next level

Imagine being able to achieve highly accurate mapping, whenever and wherever needed, even in less than favourable weather conditions (wind, light rain, cloud cover) where conventional photogrammetry may not be possible, while keeping both feet safely on the ground.

  •     Optimized and unparalleled aerodynamic design enables performance that meets your requirement
  •     Flies in a straight and regular scan pattern
  •     Returns to the operator in a safe and shock-free manner
  •     Allows for day-to-day handling and intensive use

Image Processing

Trimble Gatewing X100 aerial image data can now be processed into powerful deliverables with the Trimble Business Center (TBC) photogrammetry module. The incorporation of specialized computer-vision algorithms produces very accurate results automatically, with minimal manual interaction. This provides a stable and reliable photogrammetric system delivering excellent results without requiring specialized photogrammetry knowledge or experience.


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