Trimble MX Office Software

Simplicity, Efficiency, and Intelligence
Mobile mapping systems capture massive amounts of data very quickly. For large scale asset management or ongoing process applications, you need highly efficient software tools to extract valuable information. The Trimble® MX software suite makes mobile mapping data processing, extraction and project management simple and efficient.

Limitless Imagery, Point Clouds Trimble MX software supports a variety of mobile mapping data—standalone imagery or imagery with point clouds. Neatly organize all
single runs, bundle raw data into manageable projects, clean up artifacts, control positional accuracy, consolidate vital details and deliver excellent results. Single Software Environment Manage your content, extract features, perform
measurements and share the information, all within one platform. Publish to the Web
The Trimble MX Publisher provides the tools to publish both Mobile Mapping content and extracted features and assets to the web.

Trimble MX Content Manager efficiently cleans and organizes data for deliverable production
► Trimble MX Asset Modeler easily extracts features and measurements to populate geodatabases and other systems of record
► Trimble MX Asset Modeler Blur and Erase enables you to remove personal privacy items, such as car plates and faces.
► Trimble MX Publisher simplifies the
sharing of mobile mapping results with
project stakeholders
► Trimble MX Publisher Plug-ins simplify accessing mobile mapping data in many
popular GIS and CAD environments

Connection Between Trimble MX Asset Modeler Publisher – Publishing Clients
• Internet/Intranet Connection — When hosting a Publisher, take the Server upload
and Client download speed into account relative to the average size of the images and
the amount of images to be served within a given time frame.
• Port — Trimble MX Publisher (server) – publishing Client communication requires one
port to operate, default configuration port 1100. If required this can be reconfigured,
but we do advise to use a reverse proxy.
• Flash — Flash 11.0 or higher is required to load the server management tool “EOS
Console”. The EOS Console can be started via http on any connecting device.
• HTTP/HTTPS — The Trimble MX Publisher includes a Web Server supporting HTTP
• Client access to publications — If you would like to make your Trimble MX
Publications available via the internet, public access to the Trimble MX Service is
required. Publication can also be configured for intranet systems.
Please consult with a Trimble representative for more details on Trimble MX Publisher

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