Trimble SSF and DDF Data Format Extensions For FME


  •     Translate field data collected with Trimble handhelds into more than 225 GIS formats
  •     Transform data dictionaries into required spatial data models
  •     Integrate data from multiple sources with field data to form complete spatial databases


GNSS data collected in the field becomes more valuable once it is available in a variety of GIS and other enterprise asset information repositories. However, translating data from field collection projects into the required spatial data formats and insuring proper data model schemas are used while preserving data integrity can be challenging. Today there are an ever increasing number of formats and versions that must be supported in a typical corporate GIS environment, often making it difficult to efficiently bring your field data to the office.

With the Trimble® SSF and DDF data format extensions for FME you can streamline your data collection workflow by accessing all the data formats supported by the FME software platform, the recognized standard in spatial ETL (extract, transform, and load) from Safe Software. By partnering with the leader in spatial data translation to develop these extensions, Trimble makes it easier to move field data throughout your organization.

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