TrimbleR4 GNSS Surveying Systems


  •     220-channel system with Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology.
  •     Scalable from post processing to VRS to multi-constellation RTK configurations
  •     The flexibility to choose the level of GNSS support that is perfect for your application.
  •     Everything you need to perform a basic survey campaign
  •     Pair with Trimble Access and the new Trimble Slate Controller for a dedicated GNSS solution that is effective for both real time and post processed GNSS surveys


Designed for surveyors looking for easy-to-use GNSS technology that performs under even the most rigorous conditions.

A Complete GNSS System

  •     Lightweight, convenient and cable free
  •     Dual-frequency antenna enhances tracking capacity
  •     Delivers sub-millimeter phase center stability
  •     Internally powered with removable batteries
  •     Comes standard with GPS L1, L2, L2C and QZSS
  •     Choose the level of GNSS support you require with flexible upgrade options including GLONASS , Galileo and BeiDou (COMPASS)

Advanced Trimble R-Track Technology

  •     Integrated in to the Trimble R6, Trimble R-Track technology delivers:
  •     Reliable, precise positioning performance
  •     Signal Prediction compensates for intermittent or marginal RTK correction signals
  •     CMRx communications protocol provides correction compression for optimized bandwidth and full utilization of all the satellites in view

Functions as a VRS Rover, RTK Rover or Field Base Station

  •     Use as a lightweight rover for static surveying or RTK
  •     Compatible with Trimble VRS solutions
  •     Built-in 450 MHZ receive only radio or a fully integrated GSM/GPRS radio
  •     Integrated UHF transmit option



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