TrimbleR5 GNSS Surveying Systems


  •     Provides automatic steering for your vehicle with one-inch repeatability
  •     Integrates directly into your vehicle’s hydraulics for clear access to cab control
  •     Utilizes terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult terrain
  •     Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications
  •     Plugs in to many guidance-ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment
  •     Ideal for the most demanding row crop farming applications


Take the best of Trimble GNSS technology anywhere you want to go. Whether you require a reliable base, a rugged RTK rover or a precision receiver for specialized applications, the modular Trimble® R5 GPS Receiver gives you the flexibility to do it all.

Flexible Configurations

  •     Fix it to a tripod, secure it to a rover pole or stow it in a backpack
  •     Can be connected to an external antenna inside of your car
  •     Multi-channel and multi-frequency receiver
  •     Capable of storing thousands of hours of continuous L1/L2 data
  •     Optional built in UHF radio can receive RTK communications
  •     Choose from 3 different controllers: TSC2, TSC3 or Trimble CU

Industry Leading Performance

  •     Features advanced Trimble GNSS technology
  •     High performance RTK engine that delivers precision and accuracy
  •     GPS L2C is included with optional GLONASS



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